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Ho-Ho-Ho, it’s almost Christmas! We’re very busy here at the North Pole, there’s wrapping paper and presents everywhere and the elves are working non-stop. The fairy lights in the toy workshop stopped working for a while so that was a bit of a worry, but luckily we know a friendly Polar Bear electrician who came and mended them for us.

I’ve heard on the elf grape-vine that you’ve been a very good this year – your must be very proud of you – I know I am, and you’ve definitely made it onto my Good List so well done .
Also, your teacher has told us how hard you’re trying at school, congratulations – keep up the good work.

Harold, one of my chief elves has just given me a note saying that he knows you would like a for Christmas? Well, as you have been such a good this year, I’ll do my very best to arrange that and deliver it to you in on Christmas Eve. I’ll be looking for your house with the door – Donner the Reindeer is very good at spotting the right house from the sky.

I’ve noticed that your friend is also on the Good List, so I’ll be visiting house as well with a present - I’m sure the two of you will have great fun with your gifts. It’s nice to share with your friends isn’t it?

It’s snowing heavily here in Lapland at the moment. We’ll be checking the weather forecast on
the Elfernet on Christmas Eve to make sure we leave plenty of time to deliver all the presents.
I hope you’ll be tucked up in bed and fast asleep before I get there, like all good
year olds should be!

Wishing you a magical Christmas
Yours Sincerely

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