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Merry Merry Christmas! We’re all very happy and excited here at the North Pole because everything is nearly finished and ready for Christmas. The Sleigh has had its pre-flight checks and the Reindeers are in great shape. My Santa-Sat-Nav is programmed with the addresses of everyone on the Good Children List – and guess what , your name is on the list.

Now, your sent me a note telling me that you live in and that your house has a door, so that’s where we’ll be delivering your presents on Christmas Eve. As you’ve been such a good this year, I’m going to try and bring you the that I know you want.

It’s the Elves turn to decorate the Christmas Tree this year, and they’re doing a brilliant job. Last year it was the Reindeers turn, and Rudolph insisted on having chocolate elves all over the tree! Are you helping decorate your tree this year ?

Donner and Blitzen have just had a race outside in the snow – I think they’re getting a bit over excited. Your teacher tells me that you and your friend sometimes get a bit carried away too. She’s very pleased with you though and says that you’ve worked very hard at school this year – well done.

Mrs Claus is just wrapping some last minute presents for our friends the Polar Bear family,
she’s going to leave them in a sack outside their igloo. At least that’s one less for
me to deliver – ho-ho-ho. I’ll leave your gifts in for you to find on Christmas
morning – no peaking though. Rudolph asked if there was any chance of a carrot for
when he gets to your house? Isn’t he cheeky.

Have a wonderful Christmas
Yours Sincerely

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