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Well, Christmas is nearly here and we’re all very busy at the North Pole. I have some excellent news for you – you are on my Good List, which means that I will be coming to on Christmas Eve to deliver your presents. Well done , not everyone manages to get on the list, so that means you must have been especially good this year – just like your told me you were.

The Reindeers are getting very excited – Rudolph decided to organise some practice flying lessons for all the other Reindeers to make sure they’ll be on top form for Christmas Eve. Unfortunately they’ve all been sneaking extra Mince Pies from Mrs Claus so they need to do some special reindeer exercises to lose some weight before the big day! It’ll be carrots only for them from now on.

When I went to chat to the Elves in the Toy Workshop earlier I spotted your name on the Good Children’s Present List, and saw that you were hoping for this Christmas? Well, I’ll see what we can do for you – keep on being a good and who knows?

I popped into your school the other day to see your teacher , and to ask her who she thought should be on the Good Children’s list. She said that you and your friend had done very well at school this year so I’ll make sure we go to ’s house as well on Christmas Eve.

I’m just wondering where we should leave your presents?
Perhaps if you look in you might find them there on Christmas morning.
Don’t try and peak too early though.

I’ve got to go now because Mrs Claus is calling me for dinner – I do hope it’s not Brussels
sprouts surprise again.

Happy Christmas , have a wonderful time.

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