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Dear Baby

Welcome to the world and your very first Christmas. It’s a magical time for special little like you , and I’m looking forward to visiting you for the very first time in .

The elves are busy loading my sleigh, and they’ve made sure that your presents are right at the front. Even though you’re only very little, you’ve already made it onto my Good List, well done.

I have to tell you , the Reindeers are very pleased to be visiting you for the first time too – Rudolph’s nose glowed extra bright when he found out we were coming to see you, and Blitzen ran round and round in circles until he was out of breath because he was so excited.

Your said that you would really like for Christmas – because you’ve been so good I’m going to try to make sure that’s in your on Christmas Eve. I’ll leave your presents in the where you can find them on Christmas Morning. I’ll be looking out for your house with the door so that I know I’m delivering your presents to the right house.

It’s snowing here at the North Pole and the stars are twinkling brightly. Mrs Claus is singing in the kitchen as she bakes Christmas puddings and ices the Christmas cake. The elves are getting under her feet as usual.
A very Happy First Christmas , I’m looking forward to watching you grow
and to visiting you every Christmas from now on.

Lots of love from

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